Our markets for the end of the year are:
Piégut wednesday mornings - unless the weather is too awful! 

October 19th(Friday) our one day at the Hope Book Sale (Clussais-La Pommeraie 79)

October28th les Automnales at St Maurice des Lions(16)
November 18th Les adjots marché Britannique
December 2nd Aigre Marché Noël
December 15th St Junien Marché de Noël
December 23rd Foire de Noël at Chassenon(16)  

If you need any cheese for a special occasion do not hesitate to get in touch

We can offer you the opportunity to buy and collect directly from us. Please call with your order prior to your visit.

We can also send the cheese by post which will be vacuum packed.(if we have bags big enough for the slices) Price of P&P at current Colissimo charges depending on the weight of the parcel. Note that p&p will be extra  so please ask for a quote beforehand. Select your cheeses from our collection and then place your order either by phone or email


Email: cest.cheese@orange.fr
Phone: +33(0)9 66 87 02 74
Mob: +33(0) 6 31 20 66 03

Simon & Liz Willett
N° I rue de l'Aubert