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Selection of Cheeses

        MONTGOMERY- Cheddar                                               25.00/kg

         Montgomery, from the name of the family who have made this cheese on the farm

        for  three generations.

                                      A dryish  farmhouse cheddar made from raw milk with a subtle taste and



                           Westcombe Cheddar      A raw milk farmhouse cheese              25.00€/kg                           





          Wyke Farm RED MATURE Cheddar pasteurised milk  VEG      11€/kg




           Wyke farm VILLAGE OAK cheddar, pasteurised milk  VEG      14.50€/kg




            STILTON from Colston Basset               25.00€/kg
                                        simply the best Stilton !

Shropshire Blue


SHROPSHIRE BLUE from Colston Basset
a succulent and tasty blue cheese                                                


                  WENSLEYDALE   from HAWES  .......................25€/kg 



All our cheeses can be sent by post with a forfait of 8€.  Cost of postage depends on weight of package

The cheeses that we sell are mostly farmhouse cheeses. The indications of taste can change with the season, the animals' feeding and the age of the cheeses. Further maturing may introduce blueing into the cheese, these natural moulds can give the cheeses a stronger taste.

They can be kept in a cool cellar 10-14°C or in the fridge, but are always better in taste if eaten at room temperature, remember to take out of the fridge in advance of your meal.


VEG signifies that the cheese has been made with vegetable rennet, therefore suitable for vegetarians.

Details on most of our cheeses can also be found here:

Note: We currently do not process online payments. All order payments are to be made directly via C'est Cheese. Apologies for any inconvenience.


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