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About Cest Cheese

We have made a lot of friends standing on draughty markets - and sold some cheese. Never as much as we hoped but that's commerce isn't it?

We are intending stopping trading at the end of 2018.                                                                                                                                   If anybody wishes to take over our cheese selling please get in touch.                                                                                                   We cannot sell the business as it is as the costs for a transfer would be more expensive than the value of the business!                         However we are more than willing to pass on contacts and information.


Unfortunately the British market at AIGRE has fallen by the wayside, but some of your regular stallholders will try the monthly Foire there on the THIRD THURSDAY of the month Starting in April
Orders from those of you too far away to meet at markets are always welcome, We send cheese in insulated boxes by post to all corners of France. 

Originally from Cornwall where for fifteen years the milk we produced from our dairy herd helped to make the renowned Davidstow cheese. 1990 we (Simon and Liz Willett) moved to France to farm at St Maurice des Lions. We began butchering and selling our home bred lamb at markets in 2000. English cheese was added to our range of products in our farm shop soon after. We sold the farm in 2006 since when we have been selling English cheese at markets.

We specialise in providing a small and tasty selection of excellent quality english cheeses The majority of our selection comes from small producers with their own version of traditional cheeses. For more information why not see our selection of cheeses.


  Liz at St Saturnin & Simon at Montmorillon  






Phone: +33(0)9 66 87 02 74
Mob: +33(0) 6 31 20 66 03

Simon & Liz Willett
N° I rue de l'Aubert